Grbl Controller

compact android mobile application for gcode streaming and controlling a cnc machine with grbl firmware

Jogging Control


  • Supports both Bluetooth and USB connections
  • Simple and powerful jogging control
  • Uses character counting streaming protocol
  • Real time machine status reporting
  • Probing (G38.3) with auto zero on Z-Axis
  • Manual tool change with G43.1
  • Four Highly Configurable Custom Buttons
  • Application can work in background mode, by utilizing the less resources, there by consuming less power
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  • Bluetooth enabled or USB Otg supported smart phone with android version >= 4.4 (Kit Kat or above)
  • GRBL firmware version >= 1.1f
  • Bluetooth module like HC-05 or HC-06 or USB Otg cable


  • No trimming of decimal places
  • Does not remove any command which are not supported directly by grbl
  • No expansion of Canned Drill cycles or M06 Tool Change or Arcs