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WifiPad transforms your iPhone/iPod Touch into a wireless gamepad. It works by simulating OS keyboard/mouse events on a computer where WifiPad Server is installed.


* Free!
* Supports multiple iPhone/iPod touches
* Server available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
* Customizable key configurations
* Installable gamepad themes


* Limited by the quality of the wifi network
* Not the same experience as a real gamepad
* Not all games are compatible

What's new

* (2010.02.02) WifiPad 1.1 available
* (2009.07.06) WifiPad Server 1.1 beta1 with experimental mouse support available
* (2009.06.26) WifiPad v1.1 concept video (YouTube)
* (2009.06.17) WifiPad Server Ubuntu testing builds available
* (2009.06.12) Added Mac OS X Universal binary Beta with experimental Tiger and PPC support
* (2009.06.11) WifiPAD is now available at the App Store
* (2009.05.17) Submitted to App Store