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is quite fond of forth.

Sorry, duplicate.

Forth has been around a bit. Many of the old arcade games were programmed in Forth. A lot of the old Dr. Dobbs articles were about Forth.

The first compiler/interpreter I ever wrote was a Forth for the 68000.

I thought it was older than that for some reason. Like Dennis Ritchie in kindergarten old. No?

Forth was invented around 1970, about the same time as C.  Forth, Inc was created to produce Forth systems and sell tools and services around 1973.  As for the ten years, I was referring to AMForth for the AVR.  It may be a bit more than 10 years, but not much.

I've heard of forth on numerous occasions, seen a few guys swearing by it on the propeller, never looked at it properly though. Should have looked sooner really, definitely agree that its interesting. Just goes to show how different things can be sometimes.


Did have a look to see if its been done on arduino yet, turns out it has but my search brought me onto bitlash instead: https://github.com/billroy/bitlash/wiki/install

There is a very good Forth for AVRs, with a build meant for Arduinos


It's been around for a long time, about ten years, and is very complete and mature.