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Humanoid Robot Pianist On Your PC

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I'm currently trying to get this software noticed globally by getting it listed on steam. If you have a steam account and like it please vote for it on the greenlight page; the number of votes for or against is so far a few dozen so each vote could have the effect of getting the percentage high enough for this to be accepted.


I like your program and have suggested the upgraded version of LMR include a section based on "Virtual bots" as a result of your work.

Of course a lot of virtual robots that people may try to submit may be totally trivial so some criteria for acceptance must be necessary

On Wikipedia the word used is "notable". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability. However, they require topics that "have gained sufficiently significant attention" which would rule mine out so I don't like that rule. I think a robot should have manifestly required more than a modicum of intelligence and effort to construct at least.

There's also a lot of overlap between "game AI" and "robotics AI". I think the distinguishing characteristic should be regarding the generality of the AI; is the virtual entity able to deal with a large class of challenging situations and behave in a manifestly sensible way almost every time? Most game AI uses key-framed animation, so this rule should deal with that.